Web Design (UI), Freelance

ETH Allowance

ETH Web Tool

Project: New UI Design
Tool/Site: ETH Allowance (open source)
Designer: Robert Sangalli (Freelance)
Developer: James Sangalli (Freelance)


Accessing services from Ethereum smart contracts often involves having to “approve” the contracts in order to spend your tokens. Yet, if we approve lesser known contracts that have vulnerabilities (which can allow hackers to steal these assets), the tokens in your wallet can be at risk. This is why it is incredibly important to always manage your contract permissions through Metamask. Using the ETH Allowance tool, you can easily manage and revoke your Ethereum wallet’s permissions ensuring you total sovereignty over your Ethereum assets. This tool works by searching all your transactions on the Ethereum blockchain to find the approval transactions; from there you are then able to revoke each one or even visit their dapp (if available).

To try ETH Allowance for yourself: