Working again with bike shop Just Ride It (Melbourne), I was contacted to design a 2019 Pro Frame for a friend of mine and local athlete; Robert Gaines (aka: Eightyxproof). Rob is a fixed gear bike freestyle rider recognised for his urban street style. He frequently travels to the US to ride and film with other well-known athletes in the sport and continues to accumulate amazing footage. Since the design of this Pro Frame, he has recently been sponsored by Dosnoventa (A highly in-demand frame brand from Spain). Check him out on instagram @Eightyxproof.

In designing this Pro Frame for Robert Gaines, we were given a blank frame from Just Ride It to base my design to. The frame of choice was the JRI Dark Matter, a favourite among known customers and a tried & true favourite of Mr Gaines himself.

Inspired by the 90’s Cup “Solo Jazz” theme, a combination of thick turquoise pastel strokes squiggled over with thin purple strokes, this iconic 90’s theme was to be the foundational inspiration behind the design.

Initially problems occurred when looking at ways to transfer this 90’s theme across to the small surface area’s of the bike frame without it looking like a horrible mess. Should the strokes be smaller? Or Larger? Should colours be changed? These were the questions  I asked myself as I tried to figure out how to make this fit. But Rob was adamant that the pattern & colours were to remain as original as possible and on a white frame.

After much back and forth and many iterations later something was still off. It had what Rob was asking for but it wasn’t quite right. By pure chance, my breakthrough came when I mistakenly hit the wrong short-keys, I ended up inverting the colours of the frame and brush strokes to produce a design on black. Although a mistake, it looked surprisingly good. So I recreated and adjusted the decals hues to suit a black frame and showed this to Rob. He loved it and from there we now had our design for production.

These are now completely sold out at Just Ride It