In 2019, I designed a pro frameset for fixed gear bike freestyle rider Robert Gaines @Eightyxproof . The frame was designed for him to use while travelling and filming in the US. He has since been sponsored by Dosnoventa (a highly in-demand frame brand from Spain) and Maxxis Tires.

This Pro Frame was based on the JRI Dark Matter frame. The design is inspired by the 90’s Cup “Solo Jazz” theme, featuring thick turquoise pastel strokes squiggled over with thin purple crayon strokes.

When creating a design for a bike frame, there were initially problems with how to transfer a 90’s theme across the small surface area without making it look messy. Through a challenging trial and error process, I was able to figure out a way to make it fit while keeping the pattern and colours as original as possible on a white frame.

After multiple iterations, I was still unable to get the design that Rob wanted. By chance, I made a mistake which resulted in the inverted colours of the frame and brush strokes, creating a design on a black background. Rob loved this and it served as the basis for the final production design.

These are now completely sold out at Just Ride It