Strategic Connections Group

“Formed in 2009, Strategic Connections Group provides engineering, supply chain, project management and business support services. Through its agile processes, SCG’s team is able to cover a broad spectrum of projects as well as answering and delivering upon specific challenges.” 

Previous Website Design

My Role

During my last months with SCG, I was nominated to lead the design overhaul of the SCG website. The existing site was very outdated and not a great representation of the sort of business SCG had grown into.

From start to finish, I would spend a total of 2 months to visualise and build SCG a new website. Key priorities considered as most important in the redesign were:

  • Capturing & updating SCG’s branding/identity
  • Refreshing visuals, expressing company values, expertise & interests in industry
  • Easy navigation, simplified logical flows
  • New Careers applications page & interactive elements to entice students/graduates
  • Modern design that is easy to modify

Implemented Design