Freelancing with local bicycle shop; Just Ride It (Melbourne), I acquired the opportunity to design a custom single speed bicycle for Ferrari Formula 1 Driver, Sebastian Vettel. As this was my first major freelance project, I wanted to maintain close contact with both Steve (the shop owner) and Vettel to ensure no details were missed and that all ideas were possible for fabrication with Steve throughout the design & development process.

My primary task was to design the Graphics on the frameset and then to choose the components to complete the build. This bike has a “track’ styled frame with custom a carbon fork, Front & rear Carbon fibre Encore 5-spoke wheels, a Sram Omnium Crankset complete with a Bespoke Chainring and finished with Enve componentry.

The graphic design of the frame represents Vettel and his 2019 visit to Melbourne for the Grand Prix. Through communication with Vettel, it was established early on that the wanted to work with hexagonal shapes to create something bold and with a strong use of German colours. I created 4 initial concepts working with my interpretation of Vettel’s design requests, each experimenting with hexagons around a German flag orientation. It can be seen that forth ideation shows the most resemblance to the final design and therefore this was the most desired concept for Vettel.

This design and build took several months to produce but was completed just in time for Vettel to collect before the start of the 2019 Melbourne Grand Prix. Photo’s above show Vettel riding the bike between the Pits and General Admission area at the Albert Park Grand Prix track.

To view another Freelance design I did with Just Ride It, click below to see the EXP Frameset; a collaboration design for their sponsored rider Robert Gaines (@eightyxproof).